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Kochplaner.png Including rules like 1x fish, 2x meat, 4x vegetarian, seasonal receips according to the current date, frequency (favorite dishes more often but not every week…) as well as some random receipt-picking voodo. What you still got to do: Record your favorite receipts including the ingredients (for grocery list). The app is in a very early state and only with german interface but already functional. If you want to test it, please send me a messsage.

MailToGuard Windows/Linux/MacOS outdated (written in the year 2000, Macromedia Flash was state of the art and this was my first "freeware" give-away. I keep it mostly only for sentimental value


Every webmaster knows that after a new e-mail address is published on a Web page the corresponding account is soon filled up with spam.

Why is this so? Spammers for several years now have been using spiders/crawlers on the World Wide Web to continually search the contents of sites for the “@” character and collect every e-mail address they find for inclusion in their target address databases.

MAILTO GUARD can encode your e-mail address so that it can’t be recognised by spammer tools, but remains perfectly visible (and functional!) to you and the vistiors of your page.

A free executable version (no installation required) for Windows is available as well as this online Flash version for immediate use. There’s also a universal version available for Mac, Linux or any operating system supporting the Flash Player plugin

Deutsche Beschreibung

Fast jeder Webmaster kennt es, kaum hat man seine Emailadresse auf der Website veröffentlicht, schon ist das Emailpostfach mit Werbemails vollgestopft.

Woran liegt das? Seit einiger Zeit benutzen Spammer Emailspider (Crawler). Dabei handelt es sich um Programme, die eine Domain nach der anderen nach Emailadressen durchforsten und alles speichern, was ein @ Zeichen enthält.

Mit MAILTO GUARD kann die Emailadresse so verändert werden, dass sie nicht mehr von den Suchprogrammen der Spammer erkannt wird, aber dennoch problemlos von jedem “menschlichen” Besucher problemlos lesbar bleibt.

Von MAILTO GUARD gibt es eine kostenlose (Freeware) Version zum Download (für Windows, keine Installation nötig) sowie diese Online Flashversion zur sofortigen Benutzung und eine universelle Version für MAC, Linux und andere.

Download (Linux, Windows, OSX)